Thursday, February 02, 2006


i am work. and i don't have much to do. i have to leave in half an hour and go to "boring class." where we learn how to make ourselves more boring individuals. i keep falling asleep in my little desk in the corner so i have the sneaky suspision that "boring class" is teaching me more than i realized. when i fall asleep i dream for that half-a-second before my head jerks back and i desperately try to hide that i was sleeping by banging on the keyboard. but in that dream i think about a certain comedy group that i haven't seen for a year. a comedy group that nearly surpasses all other groups, i put that "nearly" in there to cover my ass because there may be better groups out there, but i haven't met them. anyways i dream about them, and those have been the most exhilirating combined three seconds of my week. well i also broke a personal record in online sudokus, and i got pretty excited then.
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