Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nothing new

I saw some stand up last night. It was beautiful, I mean just stunningly gorgeous stand up. That's not true. But Chris Singel did win and is going to the finals, which is good, because he has been doing stand up for a long time and just really sucked for a long time. So, he kissed a little ass and won. He's also an alcoholic, which wouldn't be that funny, but chances are I peer pressured him into being one, and that's kind of funny.

It's not. But I have very little to work with right now. I bet next week I will have more.

I charged my phone at work today. It's now completely charged. So, that's cool.

I have decided to leave some chap stick at my desk, rather than bringing some from home everyday and then taking it home with me. It's been pretty convienient.

I used the label machine. That was semi-fun.

It's been freezing cold here. And I don't care.

I think I am going to be a name dropper. But fake names. Just make up names and then say them pretensiously. Because I think pretensious people are funny. I don't know how you live your whole life trying so hard. But they don't even realize that, they spend so much time thinking about themselves, yet they never actually realize who they are. See, that's not like set'em up knock'em down funny. But it's funny to think about it. And being pretensious about pretensious people is funny because its really just me making fun of myself. See? And it comedy you do call backs, and that is like a complicated complete circle, which is kind of like a callback, so it's funny too.

Anyways, have you ever heard of Frank DeGestion. He's this AMAZING painter from the 30's. His work is so insightful. No one knows who he is unless you have read Grape Readers, which is written by Joelle Frinstein. Grape Readers mentions Frank DeGestion, it was written in the 19th century or something. And a little known fact is that Grape Readers is based on Nanette Gostelston's life because she was having an affair with Joelle Frinstein. CRAZINESS.

I know a lot of people are having bad weeks. Shitty stuff has happened all across the board.I am thinking about you, and everything will be ok. Except for one person, and you know who you are, shitty stuff will continue to happen to you because you are shitty.
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