Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spam Commenters

I wonder how spam commenters find blogs to spam. Do they just have some sort of computerized system that has a program to add comments?

I would like to think they pay people like telemarketers to sit at their computers and hand choose websites they think would have their target market. Clearly they would go to really popular blogs and spam, but that's a given. But maybe some go to lesser known blogs in the hope that it will one day blow up. And that they see mine with a TV show spelled wrong and some spammarketer out there thought, "this blog, this blog has the readership that not only would they like to partake in some live webcam action, but they would also like some drugs." Which is what I think the latest spam comment is for, but honestly its drugs I have never heard of, and believe you me, I am not that square.

I would just like to thank you spammarketer for thinking my blog is something special, for thinking, hey I bet her friends and family would like to do illegal stuff on the internet and get their credit card numbers stolen. I appreciate it. Have a joyous day.
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