Monday, January 29, 2007

Show at the Hyatt

The joyous Kurt Shackleford hosted us at the Bethesda Hyatt on Saturday. The audience was, well, they showed up and there was a lot of them. They laughed a little. I don't know... two 20 year old girls pretending to be 14ish and twins is pretty hard to get on board with at a stand up venue I guess. I don't care. I did get to see a comedian I really like. I would say his name, but then it would show up in a google search and then he could find it and then he could read this and then I would be ambarrissado.

I don't know how to spell that but "embarrisado" means preggers in Spanish. It's probably my favorite false cognate ever. I say it a lot especially around my mom. It's clear that it wears her down.

How interesting to think how that word has translated. Embarrassed verse embarissado.

I want movie theater pop corn.
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