Wednesday, January 17, 2007


i am at work.
i had a meeting.
i have a lot of work to do.
i have not updated in a long time.

i wish i looked on the internet more so i could give you links. or had a funny video to give you. but i know none of these things.

angelo took headshots of me on friday. headshots to me sounds like potshots. so when i hear it i just think of getting hit in the head by a hockey stick. even though potshots doesn't really have that much to do with being hit by a hockey stick. but it does mean taking easy shots on people. so its like i go and sit in the dark and angelo is behind a camera, and then a bright flash goes off and he hits me in the head. those would be funny pictures.

i saw some comedy friday. it was super. i laughed. which is cool because usually i don't laugh, i just belittle.

i went skiing with my family. it was fun. it was icy. which actually wasn't fun. i saw a parade where everyone my age was drinking and in the parade. and i was yelling/begging for candy. i would have been embarassed but the whole time i knew i was cool because i was wearing big sunglasses.

i'm in a bad mood. and i don't care. i'll bad mood all over you. and i will bring you down into my bad mood. and usually that would make me feel better, but not today. today i will out bad mood the bad mood i put you in. so watch it.

i have a burp stuck in my throat.

and i hate you.
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