Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The name- Final Answer

When I was a senior in college (oh about 9 months ago) I used to get home from class around 5 o'clock. This is the exact time ABC Family channel would play reruns of the Gilmore Girls. As most people who watch TV at 5 o'clock know, there is not much on. It's too early for sitcom reruns, or any new programs. It's basically some stupid embarassing dating show on MTV, finding out the J Lo can get 48 million manicures with diamonds and still have enough money to buy Mexico and break into parts and sell those parts for a profit, Sandra Lee and Semi-Homemade on the cooking channel (keep is simple, keep it cute, and always keep it semi-homemade). OR the Gilmore Girls, needless to say I became an avid fan. I was caught up in the trials and tribulatios of Rory and Lorelai. Their break-ups, their make-ups, their quick talking wit, I was hooked.

And then, lo and behold, a friend of mine (TJ Miller, perhaps less friends than someone I look up to and he forgets I exist, but we'll say friends for the sake of my diginity) blogs about how he auditioned for a part on the Gilmore Girls (I believe the part was Paris's boyfriend, which PS he is totally wrong for). I was through the roof. I created the user name Iluvgilmoregirls to leave a comment. And then I started working at this doctor's office doing data entry and falling asleep a lot. And I thought, "hey, why don't I start writing my inner most thoughts on the internet for people to judge and then leave mean comments about? And I couldn't think of any reason why not." Thus "i <3 gilmore gurlz" was created.

Things I regret about the title of the blog:
1. Spelling girls as gurlz, at the time I thought I was a genius, now I find that even my friends have a hard time finding the blog
2. That people may think this blog is about the Gilmore Girls. It's not. I don't ever watch that show any more not that I am a big grown up girl who works until 6 or 7 or 8 or 8:30.

Reasons I love the title:
1. I LOVE THE GILMORE GIRLS!!!! i <3 gilmore gurlz. I LUV LUV LUV THEM!!!!
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