Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pizza Disaster

So, on Friday Asa and I got super duper drunk, for no reason. We went to the HOP (holiday office party), which was interesting. I think it's always good to bring a friend to one of those because then you can tell people that your friend feels uncomfortable and that's why you don't want to continue getting sloshed with your co-workers, not because you don't really want to see them topless (male or female).

Anyways after the HOP we got smashed. And I forced Asa to go to the 24 hour CVS with me to get pizza. I don't know why we didn't order, or what. Get home, turn the oven to 400, put in the pizza. And IMMEDIATELY fall asleep. At like 7 in the morning we wake up on the couch with smoke filling our apartment. Asa turns off the oven I tell him not to open it because it will just let more smoke out. He tries to get me to come to bed. I physically can't move, it was probably a combination of smoke inhalation and drunkness, but there was no way. I tried to go to bed a couple hours later, but my foot was asleep so I just got up, sprained my ankle, sat back down on the couch.

Around 2 in the afternoon I finally open the oven to see that the pizza was put in WITH THE CARDBOARD.

It is an absolute miracle that we didn't start a fire and/or die. I mean leaving a pizza at 400 for three or four hours WITH THE FUCKING CARDBOARD. I know everyone has stories like this, but does your apartment smell like smoke and Christmas tree? (That's right I have a Christmas tree and it rocks.)

Work is hard, I am thinking about not going ever again.
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Anonymous CookingIsHard said...

Due to a lentil mishap, my house smells like smoke too. Cleaning the house doesn't work. Incense seems promising but the only thing you can really do is leave the windows open and get used to the smell.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous kate said...

umm.... is it bad that my roommate and i have done that three times? best part was taking the pizza out and having it be a giant, black, frisbee! or when we did it last year near xmas and it was like -10 degrees out and we had to open all the windows to air out the smell...GOOD TIMES!

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a moron. You could drug me 5 ways from tuesday, I would still have the common sense to take the cardboard off the pizza. Not that it would have been a big deal..cardboard is hard to combust, and the temp needs to be in excess of 451 degrees at sea level.

THis once happened to me in college, though compounded by the oven not the house filled with gas. That was dope!

5:42 PM  

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