Friday, December 01, 2006

A story by Greggles

This is an email I received this morning from Greggles. A little backstory is that Greg's television was destroyed this year when his building was struck by lightning. He lives in a teeny tiny apartment.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Greggles. He worked very hard and this week was horrendously busy for the half black all loving man.

After work, he went home and to his surprise, what was awaiting the handsome and jovial boy.... A TELEVISION!!!
He was so excited. He hauled the huge box up 2 flights of stairs and placed it in his castle (small by comparison, but a castle nevertheless). This day couldn't get better for the young boy, but alas, he got a message that an end table was ready for pick-up.
(Sidenote: the young boy won a beautiful end table at an event he
attained the following week!)

Perfect, thought the young Greggles, it will be the new home for the television. So he walked a couple of blocks to pickup the table, said he Thank yous and took a cab back to his castle.

None of Greggles fellow followers were near the castle, so young Greggles carried the 60 pound end table up 2 flights of stairs to his personal lair in the palace. It was getting dark, so Greggles decided to turn the lights on, then plug in the television and watch perhaps Almost Famous on his Brand New Beautiful Silver TV.

He hit the light switch, and wait......

NOTHING HAPPENED. The boy began to panic, he did not have any light bulbs in the castle and he did not want to go out and get them.

But something worse was in store for the young Greggles... CON EDISON.

The evil CON EDISON decided to anger the young boy by turning off all of his electricity at the precise moment, when the young boy wanted it the MOST. The reason why CON EDISON was out to get the boy was because they young Greggles although living in a castle, did not have too much money and he owed "CON" money, for favors in the past.

To worsen the situation, CON EDISON did not just want the money young Greggles owed him, but he wanted an extra $200, just to turn back the power.

Young Greggles was distraught, and was like maybe I don't need electricity, so he lit some candles and starting watching a movie on his computer....but at the last 25 minutes the computer went into a state of "hibernation."

So the young Greggles became mad, angry, then sad and finally he came to the conclusion that electricity is important in life. So he asked for the help of his faithful and longtime Platonic companion, Joel.

This ends the installment of "Life after GW" please stayed tuned for part 2 coming to you probably tomorrow, when the young Greggles can go to work charge his computer and write for about 30 minutes before his battery dies!.

*The above story is based on true events.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like greggles (j evans)

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