Tuesday, November 21, 2006


You know what's funny? When the guy walking down the street next to you have clickity-clack shoes, and you as the girl are wearing tennis shoes. Because you would think the noise should be coming from a woman's shoe, but it's not. It's the fancy pants with the leather breif case already on his cellphone at 8:30 in the morning. I would be pissed if someone called me at 8:30 in the morning, unless is was my mom telling me that she is re-instating (thank you commenter, spelling is super hard, and usually I don't fix my mistakes [see dinasaurs about two parts down] but re-estating was too embarassing even for me) the "emergency credit card." I would take that call.

Sometimes I think about writing about something that's in the news to see how many more hits that would get me, but I think that would weaken the integrity of my blog. On Halloween I kept talking about how we had to keep up the integrity of our costumes, and my friend Shanna thought that was hilarious. But I guess thats because she was wearing a spraypainted trashbag, so her costume didn't really start with a lot of integrity. I didn't know whether "spraypainted" and "trashbag" are compound words, so I compounded both of them. That could be super wrong.

I brought plastic dinosaurs into my cubicle, for no reason. Everyone keeps asking about them. I should make up a good answer, because right now I say "no reason." And I don't think people are very satisified with that. It's a brontasaurus and a stegasaurus. Dinasaur names are close to impossible to spell, especially for someone like me who doesn't spell very well, and rarly uses dinosaur names.

The title of this post may be missing leading, its not so much "funny" as it is long. And if you know me I think there are few things on this earth that can be both funny and long, besides of course [insert large animal]'s penis (ie whale). (Come on that's kinda funny).

I don't want to stop typing. I just don't. I really don't. My fingers are being so fast, and the words are just pouring out of me. This is an incredible high.

Now this is the portion of this post if you decide whether reading this was a waste of your time or not. My vote as the person who wrote it, "it changed my life, but the time spent writing it is time that I will have to stay later at work, so kinda a waste." Have a wonderful day.
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Anonymous Super Popular Dude said...

Yo Karin, I don't think your blog was a waste at all. In fact, I think it has made you more popular.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"instating", spelling is tough for you

3:24 PM  

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