Monday, November 20, 2006

Dear Thanksgiving,

Dear Thanksgiving,
Thank you for always being on a Thursday. You ensure that we also get Friday off. What an awesome move. Seriously, you did some good thinking before deciding on Thursday. You could have chosen Friday, which would have created a three day weekend, still awesome, but not as good as four. You could have picked Wednesday it an attempt in get Thursday and Friday off. But you knew that's just unrealistic. There's no way you could get five days off, that's a money losing endeavor for any company. And Tuesday you ask, what if Thanksgiving decided to be on Tuesday? Perhaps we would have gotten Monday off, but then we would have to go back to work on Wednesday. The day AFTER the holiday. That's the worst. Think about being all full on Wednesday. You would have nothing to look forward to because the holiday had already passed. Oh man. Thinking about it know is almost bringing me to tears (I just got my period, and I am ALLOWED to be a little emotional, at least I am not fucking pregnant, because think how awful I would be then.) So in conclusion Thanksgiving, you are a genius. Even though I am a vegetarian, and barely get to eat anything the pumpkin pie is ennough for me. What a wonderful decision you have made.


PS One time I asked this foreign guy if he was going home for Thanksgiving. And he said yes and I was like oh wow, I didn't think you would. And he was like we celebrate Thanksgiving, we are Christian. And I just had to walk away. Because I don't know a lot about religion, but I did attend middle school and I KNOW Thanksgiving isn't about religions, its about pretending to be friends with the Indians before we give them Yellow Fever? Am I right?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is true that Thanksgiving is so much better than 4 July which is not always on a Thursday.

2:47 PM  

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