Friday, January 05, 2007


I brought chili from home today for my lunch. And I went over to the little kitchenette and heated it up in the microwave. And I was careful to put the lid a little askew. And as I was walking back with my hot plastic the lid fell back on right ways. And the lid begins to invert. I think in my head, "I hope this doesn't backfire on me." And then the lid flies off I throw the bowl away from me spilling chili in, oh I would say about a three, three and a half foot spray. I scramble around picking up all the beans from the floor in pure panic. I get everything up but there is still a huge red stain in front of someone else's cubicle. People start noticing and teasing. I NO JOKE start crying. It was my lunch and now I don't have one.

Maintenance has come by and cleaned it up a little. It's pretty good.

And then I had this brilliant google chat with Greg. And I feel all better.

Gregory: Karin, YOU NEED TO EAT
Sent at 2:06 PM on Friday
me: i ate some candy
I am worried
me: its one lunch greggles
Gregory: lunch is important

I'm out all next week. Don't look for me.

You know what bothers me? People who beg for comments on their pictures and crap on myspace. It seems bizarre. Whatevs. You are beautiful and wonderful and you probably didn't spill chili all over your office. But chances are you don't have the "go get'ems" like I do. And that will get me far in life, and you will be stuck reading blogs. I am JUST KIDDING! I AM SO SORRY! I take that back. You are beautiful and wonderul.
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Anonymous Daniel said...

Last night I ate a whole clove of garlic covered in butter and Hammerberg wouldn't stop making fun of me. Now the food gods are getting back at her. Go food gods.

4:43 PM  

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