Thursday, January 04, 2007

Common New Years Resolutions

So I feel that my New Years resolutions are pretty common:

1. Save money.
I am going to do this by not spending any money ever and only putting money into a high interest money market account. Now the plan I have doesn't include food, and barely scraping by on rent. But I figure that's pretty much what I am doing now. Oh and I am going to use the liquor store bank, and instead of a high interest money market account I'll get cheap wine.

2. Lose weight
Now I am doing this full out. Going to the gym all the time, working out really hard. I'm not curbing what I am eating at all, but I am going into the sauna before I weigh myself. You know, so I am not weighing all the pesky water wieght that make you seem so hydrated. BUT note that the sauna door pulls in rather than pushes out and you should try both options before you panic and start pounding on the door.

3. Keep in touch
Clearly, I am just referring everyone to my blog, it's the best way for them to know what's going on with me. And they can always comment or something to tell me about their droll lives.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2007 is going to rock the ass off 2006. Although 2008 will be really bad and there's a chance of death. So live it up now kids.
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