Thursday, December 21, 2006


Must be brief. Hour late for work. Behind on everything.

Man with cape on way to work i love you (see i am being brief and i still typed out "you", none of this internet speak here. the end is coming and you are all pawns in the demise of language. say what you mean, not what is easiest to type.) Brevity Brevity

Donuts at work. Bad for me. Still thinking about bringing in lard. Can't get fat, have wedding to go to.... don't want to be the fat cousin. Competition within family. Can't be fat can't be fat can't be fat.

Went to drunk town last night. Turned off alarm morning. Slept on couch no reason. HUNGRY. Christmas happy time soon.

Don't turn off alarm.

Don't bring donuts to office.

Wear capes.

Work work work.


(mayhaps i am still in drunk town)

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