Thursday, January 25, 2007


This morning I was walking to work and it was pretty cold out, well really cold out. And I saw this huge Escalade. And my first thought was I wonder if they have good food in there. I saw a really nice car, that was most likely warm inside, and I thought about whether or not they had good food in there. There was NO indication there was even food in the car. Granted, I am pretty hungry, but at the time I was much colder than I was hungry. I think there is something wrong in my brain. OH MY GOD. What if I am obese? And I just haven't found the time to eat as much as I really want? Because I have to work and don't have very much money so I can't fuel the hungry giant inside of me. Thinking like this actually makes me feel skinner because I could be really really fat if I let my subconscience rule my life. This is life changing. Sorta. Nothing is really life changing. Even if you win a million dollars you are still your sucky self, just with more money. You and your mom won't have a better relationship.

I am being negative. I need to shake it off. I am just super pissed about Top Chef last night.

I am whiny. My thoughts right now are whiny and they are annoying inside my head. They are all high pitched and selfish.

I want to see how long I can go today without talking to anyone.
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