Friday, September 19, 2008

How many blogs can I write about having nothing to write about?

Well, at least one more, right?

Here are somethings:

The funnest part of Zipcarring is that when you walk away from it you feel like a spy or something. Like you park the car, and you don't even have to look back because you won't see it ever again. Or you will see it again for your big Sunday grocery trip, but at least you don't need to make car payments on it.

I have been taking the metro to work for like six months now. And I used to look down on people who didn't know metro etiquette, like sitting on the outside seat when the inside one is empty, or slumping across two seats during rush hour, or stand on the left side of the escalator. But as I spend more and more time with the metro, the less I care about that shit. If i am f'in tired I want two seats, and sometimes I am talking on the escalator it's easier to stand on the left. I am a horrible person.

Third thing, um, it feels like it should be about transportation....

Boats are cool.

karin louise hammerberg
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Anonymous Josephine said...

I like tractors. They should have zip-tractors. I can’t tell you how many times I have been tilling my garden and thinking, “I’d rather be on a tractor.”

12:26 PM  
Blogger Karl Eagleman said...

You ZipCar? I see those all around the Bay Area. Same with City Share cars. I can see exactly what you mean about parking it and walking away from it. You should leave little calling cards behind... or something.

7:03 PM  
Blogger DragonKat said...

Note found in ZipCar:

Thank you KLH for that. Was it good for you?

Weird, huh? What do you think it means?

3:19 PM  
Blogger Aparna said...

They should also have zip-wires.

Oh wait.

10:21 AM  

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