Friday, June 12, 2009

Movie Reviews of Movies that Everyone has Already Seen But Me

Chronicles of Narnia

Overall: Very exciting. Lot's of action. Cute beavers. It's sad when the animals die though. I like lions!

Highlight: When I got so scared that I jumped and shook up my beer so it exploded all over me and Boyfriend

Lowlight: When it was scary.

Cougar moment: I am excited to see what the oldest son actor looks like in a few year. My prediction = gorgeous.

Happy Feet

Overall: Scary! Why do they make that seal so scary? I couldn't barely sit still. Cute animals!

Highlight: DANCING! And singing!!!

Lowlight: Scariness! How can little kids watch this?

Cougar moment: Those penguins looked tasty, too bad we don't co-habitat.
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Blogger DragonKat said...

Unrelated but I need someone to settle a debate in the Walls house: Queen. They rule, right?

1:41 PM  

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