Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New post

Yes, this is a new post. I have never written this post before, thus ensuring that it is completely 100% unique.

First and foremost, Boyfriend has turned 25. He MADE it! Boy, I never thought I would see him here.

Second, the salad that I am eating has spring onions in it. I think I am officially that smelly lunch office lady. I would like to think I am mature enough to not care, but gosh darn it I want everyone to like me.

Third, life is super duper busy. I am at a new job! I started like 3 weeks ago, and I already went to the luxurious beautiful TAMPA FLORIDA. You can buy donuts and tires there.

Fourth, Tampa was kinda gross.

Fifth, I have a brand new cube. I should decorate it weird and freak people out. Maybe get a picture of Charles Manson. Or just get as much porcupine chintz as I can. Something so people know to leave me alone. I also like the barely working here cube design. Just the essential papers, computer, one pen (because you can't find any others), and no personal items. I rock that look pretty hard.

Sixth, life, man, life.
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Blogger swinsty said...

House Beautiful suggests a nice balance between freakish and cuddly, called ¨Psyhochic¨. A lovely combination of My Little Pony and Teletubbies posters combined with Marilyn Manson and I heart Jeffrey Dahmer bumper stickers, shows your new colleagues that you have an eye for style. Throw in an embroidered "My boss is a Jewish Carpenter," and you will be the talk of the office!

8:56 PM  
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