Thursday, April 16, 2009

Question #4 Answered

Dear Boyfriend,

I tried a Dubliner cheese recently with great results. Could you recommend other similar-type cheeses or just explain why Dubliner cheddar is just better?


A Little Muenster

Dear A Little Muenster,

Dubliner cheese is a hard cheddar-like cheese aged 12 months. If you are looking for similar cheeses I would recommend sharp cheddars that have been aged at least nine months and up to 18. Unfortunately, unlike other cheeses, 'cheddar' is not a name-protected variety, so anyone can make a cheese and call it cheddar regardless of their manufacturing process. If at your local store when looking at finely aged cheddar varieties you are unable to sample them, check the firmness and if at all possible the crumbliness of the cheese, as these are admirable qualities in Dubliner. Generally the longer the cheddar has been aged, the firmer and crumblier it will be.

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Blogger Aparna said...

Man, you're good.

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