Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I suh-riously lurve St. Patrick's Day. Not because of the drinking or the serious sterotyping of a country. But because it's like nationwide dress-up day. In hike school we used to have spirit week, which I obviously took very seriously. But it was nigh impossible to get those stupid boys to dress up. We had to create jersey day to coax them into some wholesome school spirit (so I was a little nerdy in hike school, who wasn't?).

Anywhoozle, St. Patrick's Day totes bay does the trick. Everyone loves to wear green and stupid flashy light necklaces. It's vunderbar!

But also this, I don't come form a long line of drinkers (oh yeah that's right, I'm a nuevo drinker I did this all on my own, bitches.) I never realized how many stupid holidays or excuses for drinking there are in this odd place called "grown up world." If my life job wasn't so boring all the time I would challenge this concept, but I suppose I will embrace it like all us sheep working in this gray gray world of "turning things in on time" and "taking a shower everyday" do.
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