Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey you, party people in the house!

Wonderful news! Our brand new president starts soon.

Oh god, maybe I shouldn't show my political colors on this blog. I have up to this point stayed fairly neutral right? I mean I have made references to... Uh, I have sort of portrayed myself as... I feel like maybe you aren't sure that I am a....

I am more liberal than liberal exists. I'll say it.

We should be able to marry a fucking goat if we want to. What the fuck difference does it make it anyone else if Boyfriend, whom I so oft refer to, is actually a chicken? Uh oh, did someone just cancel their lunch plans with you because you read that? No, nothing just happened. Because it matters not in the lest if I am in love with a farm fowl or not. I am not, for the record, Boyfriend is in fact a Boy (wink wink).

Anywho, Obamer starts super soon. And the very bestest part of it... drum roll please... I GET MONDAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND TUESDAY OFF.

That's shallow isn't it? I should be more excited about the era of change that is sweeping our nation. But not working is so very awesome. I guess I will call it a tie for now and get back to you.
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Blogger Aparna said...

If being more liberal than liberal means embracing short work weeks, then what the heck, I'll jump on the wagon too!

1:08 PM  

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