Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny runs in the family

Back story: Little Brother is hilarious, he helped Grandma set up her cell phone, this email is to all our cousins on one side and is in response to an email I sent about her voice mail being ridiculously funny. Enjoy....

For those of you not fortunate to join the youngest cousins from each
family at Thanksgiving you do not understand how the process of
getting Grandma to say her name into the phone could be so hard. As a
little background Grandma's last cell phone, which she had for six
years, never received a single phone call. This was due to the fact
that she never turned it on. Attempting to teach her to use this new
phone was one of the most difficult tasks I have had to do. While
trying to teach her simple things like how to answer it and using the
caller ID, she was receiving a mass influx of text messages from her
children. This included picture and video messages of her trying to
learn how to use a cell phone, from someone who can barely function
their own, my dad. And Cousin stressing the most important thing was to
never turn it off and it could be charged while still on.

I knew better than to attempt to let do an entire message, so I choose
the option so all she had to do was say her own name. Leaving a
voicemail seemed like a simple enough task, but the first few all
started with "but there's a lady talking" or "now?" or ones that were
just completely silent as she waited for the tone. The ultimate low
when the entire dinner table, composed of Grandpa and all of our
fathers, burst out laughing around failed attempt 10.

The lesson of this, is be grateful for what you can get.

Hope all is well,
Little Brother

P.S. Grandma's text messaging skills are great, spelling will be
flawless. Downside, you will not receive a response until another
grandchild is their to assist.
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Anonymous Lil Brother said...

When faced with the decision to study for finals or defend my grandmother’s honor against sister's scathing comments, the choice was obvious.

1:45 PM  
Blogger The Eaglewoman said...

i LOVED the story!!! i could for sure see the whole thing funny!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Karl Eagleman said...

What an incredible piece of comedy!

Well done, Little Brother.

8:36 PM  

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