Monday, February 02, 2009

Mind doodles

- Whenever I see a girl all fancied up walking down the street, all I can think is "I bet I am warmer than her."

- I have made it! I can sing along to every song at the grocery store. So, this is what adulthood is like.

- Tostitos and I made up. Only because I have been doing some serious comfort eating lately.

- On a completely unrelated note, who wants to give me a job?

- I have some comedy joke shows coming up. You guys should totally come! It'll be a blast. I just wish I got paid for them.

- Mini bottles of wine are a horrible idea. Stay away from them!

- Brownies are delicious.

- I can eat a can of Progresso Minstrone soup every single day and never get tired of it.

- I type about food a lot.
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