Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No cable

So, since Boyfriend and I moved we don't have cable.

I will watch anything on TV. And that used to be proven through my ability to sit through a Rock of Love marathon. But now, it's proven through the fact I will sit through the world's most boringest documentary on the Queen of England on PBS.

Yes, granted two very different types of television shows, yet both equally non-important to my life. I should just be able to turn off the TV, but no, I am glued.

Who do I blame for this? Duh hickey, my parents. They never let me watch TV when I was little. So now I am addicted.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Let your kids watch TV otherwise they will waste their 20's indulging in pointless television programs while they could be out there doing charity work.
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Blogger Aparna said...

Not to channel-change the subject, but I have another question for Boyfriend.

Why do we often remember things as better than they actually were?

For example, I bought this cheese that I went crazy for after the first time I tried it, and it was merely OK, but definitely not the taste utopia I reminisced about.

Please tell him there's no rush for an answer.

12:48 PM  

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