Thursday, April 16, 2009

Question #5 Answered

Dear Boyfriend,

It's easy to understand that three day weekends are better than two day weekends. But is it better to take Friday off, or Monday off?


Dear Wally,

You are most certainly correct in your declaration of the superiority of weekends lasting three days as compared to those lasting two, but your question is many faceted and often rooted in temporal perception. Imagine yourself, if you will, sitting at your desk on a Tuesday around 1:45 pm when you make the decision to take a 3 day weekend. At that very moment in the work-time continuum I am willing to wager that you are inclined to take the Friday off as you are staring down the barrel of a seemingly endless week, the hammer of which has just been cocked by your insufferably upbeat boss as he or she happily plunks down a monstrous assignment on the desk of your shabby, dimly lit cubicle. While there are sometimes mitigating factors, like the schedules of friends and families, deaths of friends and families, and preposterous beer specials that for some reason fall on a Friday at 11:30 am at your local watering hole, Monday is generally a better bet. I ask you, is there any greater feeling than waking up on a Sunday and realizing that you don't have to work on Monday? Or getting blind drunk on the Lord's day while said friends and family can only look on in envy as they delicately sip their beverages and tremble with rage at the fact that they are back to the daily grind in only a matter of hours? Yes, I tell you, it can get better. You will realize when you groggily awake Monday afternoon that you have just dodged the worst possible day of the week. This is a game of worsts, and Friday, far from being the worst day of the work week is actually quite tolerable most times, whereas Monday makes you want to reach out and pull the trigger of something more substantial than my previous metaphor.

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Blogger Daniel said...

Ugh, seriously. Everyone knows the answer is Friday.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Karl Eagleman said...

Well stated boyfriend!

I'm so thrilled my question was even considered!

7:00 PM  

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