Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I am high-flutant

Second post.

Boyfriend and I moved oh so recently (like two months ago). And we never acquired cable or internet. Not because we don't enjoy such media, we do at a large voracity.

But because we are a little lazy and a little money conscience. So for all you people that are like, "HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE CABLE??11?1?!?!?!?!" Well, we never called the cable company, so they never installed it, thus we don't have it.

Now we watch a lot of WETA (PBS), and local news. And it's fine. Life is fine. Honestly, we can't get on the internet very well at home, and it's fine. I am being totes sincere.

Life has gone on, and I think we have....... adjusted to it. I don't really even miss it any more.

It may sound like I think I am better than you. I kind of do. That's what watching PBS will do to you. And I kind of like it.

Now, back to my job making cable television shows.
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