Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday Feature- Ask Boyfriend

Hello Boyfriend,

How can I track how many people are reading this comment?

Thanks You!

Hairball Queen

Your Exhaltedness, Hairball Queen, Ruler of All that is Good and Holy,

I must admit you have me at somewhat of a disadvantage with your question, oh hoary mistress. For one, you, as a reader and commenter, (and wrathful overlord) do not have access to i<3gilmoregurlz's web tracking utilities, and unless you are hiding some not inconsiderable hacking skills in one of your Bezoar subjects, can't break in and find that information. That aside, you could simply ask the lovely proprietor of this site for the information, but there's a wrinkle to that approach as well. Unfortunately it is not especially feasible to track pageviews or unique visitors to the comments on a post that is not self hosted, but rather exists as a subdomain of Blogger. When a user clicks on the comments link, the pop-up page that appears bears the following Uniform Resource Locator: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=20135788&postID=4496346750515828854&isPopup=true

The traffic for that page can't be tracked directly by the tracking code on this site as it exists within the purview of blogger.com. Thankfully, one can generally track what a user clicks on and thus get an approximation of how many times that page was accessed via the site, or see how many visitors have looked at the single post page, assuming of course that they would want to partake of the wit and wisdom of your majesty's comment.

With that said, the number stands at approximately 47.5 people.

Thank you,
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Blogger Aparna said...

Bravo! I will have my minions, I mean subjects, send you some complimentary hair shirts for your trouble.

Hairball Queen

11:25 AM  

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