Thursday, December 10, 2009

Put some cheese on it.

This morning I tired to make a tasty hole-in-one treat.  Which is a piece of bread and an egg in the center.

I say tried because things did not go well.  Apparently, some sort of non-stick spray was needed.  It turned into more of a bread and egg scramble.

But I simply sprinkled some cheese on it, and all was well.  So I thought I would share with you some other quick recipes that can be remedied with cheese.

Asian Stir Fry
- Add vegetables to frying pan
- Add soy sauce to frying pan
- Add peanut oil to frying pan
- Add hot sauce seasoning
- Get absorbed in America's Funniest Home Videos
- Completely over cook all the vegetables
- Sprinkle some bleu cheese on dish
- Eat

Chocolate Cake
- Follow directions on box
- Get completely absorbed in YouTube video of kitten playing peek-a-boo
- Burn cake
- Cut off burned spots
- Sprinkle swiss cheese on cake
- Put on icing
- If you are feeling extra naughty, sprinkle additional cheese on top of frosting
- Indulge

Cheese Left Out of Fridge
- Take some cheese out of fridge for snack
- Leave on counter
- Take a nap, or better yet, leave house
- Come back to find hardened block of cheese
- Take out spreadable and or sprayable cheese
- Spread on hardened cheese
- Consume double cheese sandwich
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can also take cheese and melt it down into liquid form. Then dip stuff in it like string cheese.

12:08 PM  

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