Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notes on Florida

People in Florida like to drive like maniacs.

They also like to drive trucks with unsecure stuff in the back, like chairs, and huge piles of wood. And you will get nervous because they will be driving 90+ miles per hour.

There are a LOT of cows here.

When you book a room by the beach because you think it looks cute and relaxing, you will be wrong because it will actually be a place where spring breakers stay, and they will yell and run around all night.  And you will want to call the front desk and get the kids to be quiet.  Then you will feel super old, and bad.  But still you have to work the next day.

Besides the spring breakers there is a SERIOUS amount of old people.  They will do things SERIOUSLY slow, like look for their CVS rewards card for upwards of 10 minutes.

When left to my own devices I will eat Tostitos alone in my hotel room for dinner.
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