Thursday, February 23, 2006

public apology

i writing to say sorry to internet. recently i wrote about how disgusted i am by the internet. and i have to take it all back. now that i work in my lonely office with no friends i often find myself turning toward the internet for amusement. it started with checking my email and bank account, then turned into blogging and now its turned into an out and out love affair.

the internet is so funny, yet intelligent
bold and strong, yet unassuming
it may seem arrogant and hard to understand, but once you get to know it, its loaded with useful information and fun personality quizzes.

oh, internet. oh did i survive without you and all your pronography? why is it when i type it you show tits, instead of the white house information i was asked to look up by my boss? is it because you are always one step ahead of me? knowing my every move? i feel so safe yet dirty in your world wide arms, maybe one day i figure out your secret of how google works and this blog will be the most viewed profile in the world. but until then i will respectively stay at 16, not questioning your ways.

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