Thursday, March 01, 2007

Depressing- really an awful read- just stay away. I wish I knew some good links to send you to instead of churning out half assed posts.

So sorry for yesterdays blog. I just didn't have it in me. I just couldn't do it. And Daniel thought he could write in a guest blog, but it is so riddled with stereotypes that even I couldn't put it up. (i.e. "Offices usually have “the token minority.” This person is always grossly incompetent but no one can discuss it.")

I saw a lot of people fighting with each other in their cars. So it's a lot of shaking fists, mouthing swear words, and flipping off. It was pretty fun to watch. And then I wondered if they were actually saying those words outloud or just mouthing them. And then I tired to remember if/when I have ever yelled in the car if I actually yelled or just mouthed the words. That's just about impossible to remember.

I might get a bonus at work.

I am saving up for liposuction.

And a new pair of boots.

This is probably the crappiest post I have ever written. Seriously, I cannot belive how incredibly awful it is. And then that starts to affect or effect my self esteem. Which is currently plummeting at the moment. I am to the point that if I saw a half eaten donut near the top of a garbage can I would take it out, and take one HUGE bite and then throw it away again. Hopefully, I will start crying in one of my 14 and a half meetings today, because crying at work is one of the most awkward things you can do. Especially when you have no friends. I feel my eyes swelling. Maybe I will just go sit in a bathroom stall for a while. Or I will look at stupid celebrity gossip blogs until about 4ish. Then I will promptly panic because I haven't done anything all day. Then I will check the gossip blogs one more time before starting real work. And then life is boring.

A girl just walked by really really quickly. She looked funny. I guess you had to be there.
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Blogger Daniel said...

That thing about minorities was taken totally out of context.

5:04 PM  

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