Friday, March 02, 2007


I was really dreading this blogging thing today because my post yesterday was extraordinarily depressing. I mean it was really bad. Don't read it if you haven't already. And I was thinking about how I have to redeem myself. But there was just nothing I could muster up. And then I was thinking about doing some standard stock jokes, you know poopy farty men dressed as women kind of thing. Although, I kind of knew slap stick wouldn't translate well to blogging...

BUT I HAVE A NEW JOY IN MY LIFE. I am going to purchase some new members of my family this weekend! I am going to get fish again. Oh man I am so excited. There are a few rules about fish though that I know I should abide to...

1. Don't get your hopes up because they die easily. (BUT LET'S BE HONEST I HAVE BLOWN THAT SO FAR(T) OUT OF THE WATER!!( get it, water? like fish? like my last fish would just jump out of the water in a weird suicide attempt) OH MAN I AM EXCITED!)

2. Do not name the fish or they will die. Seriously, my first few attempts I tried to name my fish and they didn't last. And then I wisened up and stopped naming them and I had much better luck. But then I had a fat fish and I referred to it as Preggers, no more than 3 times. And it died. And I know you are thinking, she was fat, that's why she died, but nooooo it was the name.

3. Feed the fish or they will die.

4. You should not over feed the fish, or they will die.

5. Do not! And I repeat do not keep sticking your hand in the fish tank to poke them to see if they are still alive because that will kill them even faster.

6. Do not leave the fish tank by a window because it will grow algae fast. And then you will get a bottom feeder, and it will kill all your other fish.

7. Just because you want a frog in your fish tank does not mean the frog will like it, and he will let you know he is unhappy by dying almost immediately.

8. Let Boyfriend take care of the fish, like feeding them regularly and cleaning the tank.

Those are the basic principles of owning fish. I can field some questions as well, if I have left anything unanswered.
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Blogger Gregory said...

I think you should not buy fish in multiples of 3 because they get ik (I have no idea how to spell it) and die

Also, carnival fish aren't fish, they are already dying. DO NOT GET CARNIVAL FISH, they die quicker than any other fish.

11:24 AM  

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