Friday, June 01, 2007

Drunk Josh's Guest Blog- I haven't even read through it

You know, I was thinking about the other day, under a tree, a magnolia actually, a very nice tree with a history in songs that are sad. I was thinking about being drunk, drunk on booze, wine booze, white and red.

I felt woozy naturally, like I do now, unable to think or type or think at all, woozy like sway-y, swaying back and forth, physically, sure, but also intellectually, tottering about like a dinghy (in a painting) in a violent sea, one that looks cold and dark and basically foreboding.

And then I got to work. "What's up, champ?" That's what brother vegan asked. He's a nice kid, but, no, not a champ. He calls me "champ" because he's a chump, but sort of the lovable kind of chump, the kind of friendly chump your little brother might represent, annoying and tedious and peurile (ahem, that's 'puhr-ul' or 'puhrl-ile,' like I said mister who called me out ostentatiously) and (drunkety drunk other words but still cool, but cool without elaboration, cool in a way that's too thin to bear the important emotional burden of really coming to grips with what it stands for. We're talking about the kind of cool that marketer types toss on billboard and other aesthetically pleasing surfaces like tv screens sometimes, when you're watching them. You that 'cool' type. The kind you've come to accept as basically just the kind of cool that the vegan, or your little brother, represents, because, try as you might, you can't bring yourself to commit any energy to putting anything to real thoughts.

And then I realized I was drunk.

that's my guest blog post, should you accept it.
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Blogger Jeff said...

You mean cool like people in Friday's commercials?

7:25 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Committing energy to thinking about that is generally sort of a disaster. Sometimes I think about people I know professionally and realize they were probably really cool in high school and that I probably would have hung out with them. Now that I understand that they really aren’t, it doesn’t matter anymore.

2:22 PM  
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