Friday, May 04, 2007


You are a chore, sometimes, Blog. I mean I love you and all, but you just nag so much. "You haven't updated, you haven't updated. When are you going to update?" And sometimes, Blog, I don't have anything to say. I just don't feel like sharing my feelings. I just want to be alone. And is that ok with you? Never. You just take and take, Blog, but what do you give?

Alright fine.

People at my work are all hyped again today. It makes me mad.

I am tired.

Shut up, Blog! This could get interesting.

My boss bought me a banana. That was nice.

But the banana is disgusting and I already had one. This is going to be a horrible day and the cherry on top is the worst blog known to mankind. And I am going to make it really long, and as previously discussed we all know that long things are rarely funny.

So, at this point reader you have a choice. Stop reading now. Just end it here and walk away. Or you can stay with me on this magical journey of self destruction layered with pity and apathy.

I saw this guy a while ago drop his plastic newspaper bag on the street and it made me really mad. Last night I found out that he lives in my building and works at the same place, and is important. That was stupid. I told the same story to work people, and they loved it. But it means more to them.

I am thinking about getting some coffee. But I am already a fart machine and I feel like throwing acidy office coffee into the mix will just end in an explosion. But then maybe I can leave early.

More apathy more apathy. I don't care about you or anyone or anything ever.

More pity more pity. My life is seriously in the duldrums. That's a Phantom Toll Booth reference, which happens to be a fantastic book. Right now I am reading A Staggering Work of Annoyance wrapped in Ego Surrounded by something someone might consider Genius. Oh, and it's Heartbreaking. I am reading it with more apathy than I am currently blogging with, if you can imagine that.

Blog, I will throw you down the stairs in an attempt to kill our child if you don't shut up. I know this is awful. But I can do whatever I want.

I finished the banana.

I wish I had more to give. I honestly do, I wish I had a story or something, but really all I have to offer you is my little tired sense of humor exhausted from a week of monotiny and blandness.

Poopity fart abortion.
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Blogger Gregory said...

Ok Karin,

First off, I am little worried that you are being so hard on yourself.

People can't expect to delve deep into your emotions on an everyday basis and expect to laugh whole-heartedly every time. It's NOT right!

So all those reading the blog and think that Karin's blog is not up to par, Go **** YOURSELF!

Karin- You are a fantastic blogger and give me hours of entertainment at work on a consistent basis, Rock ON! and continue the quest of life.



10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Right now I am reading A Staggering Work of Annoyance wrapped in Ego Surrounded by something someone might consider Genius. Oh, and it's Heartbreaking."

This passage made the entire rest of this lackluster blog worth it.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

I was also taken by the "Staggering Work of Annoyance," but it was the poopity fart abortion that made my day.

Thank you, Karin

3:25 PM  

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