Friday, April 06, 2007

Just so you know

License Plate Slogans
State - Slogan
Alabama - Stars Fell On; Heart of Dixie
Alaska - North to the Future; The Great Land; The Last Frontier
Arizona - Grand Canyon State
Arkansas - Opportunity Land; Land of Opportunity; The Natural State
California -The Golden State
Colorado - Colorful
Connecticut - Constitution State
Delaware - The First State
District of Columbia - The Nation's Capital; A Capital City; Celebrate& Discover; Taxation Without Representation
Florida - Sunshine State;
Georgia - Peach State ; ...On My Mind;
Hawaii - Aloha; Aloha State
Idaho - Potatoes; Scenic; Vacation Wonderland; World Famous Potatoes; Famous Potatoes
Illinois - Land of Lincoln
Indiana - Heritage State; Hoosier Hospitality; Amber Waves of Grain; The Crossroads of America;
Iowa - The Corn State
Kansas - The Wheat State; Midway USA
Kentucky - Bluegrass State; It's That Friendly; Unbridled Spirit
Louisiana - Sportsmen's Paradise; Sportsman's Paradise; Bayou State; LoUiSiAna
Maine - Vacationland
Maryland - Drive Carefully
Massachusetts - The Spirit of America
Michigan - Water Wonderland; Water Winter Wonderland; Great Lakes State; Great Lakes;Great Lakes Splendor
Minnesota - 10,000 Lakes; Explore
Mississippi - The Hospitatlity State
Missouri - Show-Me State
Montana - The Treasure State; Big Sky Country; Big Sky
Nebraska - The Beef State; Cornhusker State;
Nevada - The Silver State
New Hampshire - Scenic; Photoscenic Live Free or Die; First for Independence
New Jersey - Garden State
New Mexico - Sunshine State; Land of Enchantment
New York - The Empire State; Empire State
North Carolina - Drive Safely; First in Freedom; First in Flight
North Dakota - Peace Garden State; Discover the Spirit
Ohio - Seat Belts Fastened?; The Heart of It All!; Birthplace of Aviation
Oklahoma - Visit; Is OK!; Native America
Oregon - Pacific Wonderland
Pennsylvania - Keystone State; You've Got a Friend In; WWW.STATE.PA.US
Rhode Island - Discover; Ocean State
South Carolina - The Iodine State; The Iodine Products State; Smiling Faces; Beautiful Places
South Dakota - Great Faces; Great Places
Tennessee - Volunteer State; Sounds Good to Me
Texas - The Lone Star State
Utah - Center Scenic America; This Is the Place; Ski Utah!; Greatest Snow on Earth
Vermont - Green Mountains; Green Mountains State
Virginia - 1607-2007 400th Anniversary; Virginia is for Lovers
Washington - Evergreen State
West Virginia - Mountain State; Wild, Wonderful;
Wisconsin - America's Dairyland
Wyoming - none

- Lousiana where they just spell the state in goofy caps.
- The little fight between North Carolina and Ohio, one is First in Flight and the other is Birthplace of Aviation
- Poor Wyoming
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Blogger Daniel said...

The Cornhusker State. Leave it to Nebraska to motto itself after a chore.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I actually am rather fond of the Iodine Products State.

2:28 PM  

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