Friday, March 30, 2007


I know I know I haven't updated in forever. Here is a brief overview of what's been happening:

- I went to the circus. It was amazing. I love the circus. LOVE THE CIRCUS. If I could go back and rename my blog it might be i luv circus gurlz. Although that would probably draw a weird readership. Whatever!!!!!! I LOVE THE CIRCUS. (Picture me in a field twirling in circles and just screaming I love the circus. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE). So that was alright, no big thing. I mean I spent one amazing night with the circus. I appalauded and laughed. I was nearly filled to the brim with glee during the dogs jumping through hoop act. I shuttered in fear at the guys riding in the motorcycle ball. I truly gave myself to the circus. And has it called? Nope. All I have left of my time with the circus is sticky shoes. But better to have loved and lost, right?

- I saw a drug addict do a 45 minute long stand up set. It was interesting. The joke about killing everyone in the audience was said with such... realism. I mean he really committed to it. And then the rant about his son dying, which he closed with, was hmm.... uncomfortable? But then Angelo bought me a domestic light beer, and everything was fine again.

- I went to an anti-war march. Although, I don't think my viewpoint was clearly expressed. I don't really want to impeach bush, nor do I think everyone is a traitor. I guess I really think that maybe we should sit down and really talk this one out until we have a solid solution that everyone can feel apart of. Anyways, that was cold.

- I saw some folk art.

- I saw two different wonderful delightful cousins.

- I hope to have a wonderful weekend.

- I have been to work, sporadically.

- I went to a college party. I felt old. I hid in the shower. I don't know. I saw Ben.

- I talked shit about some work people with other work people.

- I ate an apple. Fiji and it was DELICIOUS! AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS!

- I had a discussion about menial super powers. Like controlling when your girlfriend has her period. Or the ability to keep your shoes tied for a 6 hours straight. Or the ability to grow your nails really long. I did not contribute a single ability. I don't know if I was drunk, or I just have a hard time coming up with menial abilities. I can only think of really cool things. Like being able to type with your mind. Or being able to hear really well. Or flying.

- I ate jelly beans.

- I quit smoking, started smoking again, quit again, became a social smoker, started again, and now I am down to 5 a day.

- I went to spinning class at the gym.

- I saw two old receSs members. They were beautiful shadows of what I knew them to be.

- I decided I am going to make up some new catch phrases. But I haven't started work on them yet.

- I started a plant hospital in my cube. Apparently, watering a bamboo plant a few times a week is too hard for everyone who has more important jobs than me. I have made a joke about insurance 3-7 times a day for a whole week. These people love me.

- I thought about dying my hair. But didn't.

- I tried to watch a youtube video on my work computer. But it froze and all these systems shut down.

- I have talked about popcorn four or five times TODAY. Mainly, because there is a popcorn tub right by my cube and everytime someone takes some I engage them in popcorn related converstaions.

So, see? I really haven't had much going on at all. Nothing. It's so boring. AH Everything is so boring. I wish I could just fly. Oh! How about this for a menial super power, the ability to have a neverending mechanical pencil? Oh man. That would be a dream come true!
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Blogger Chris Singel said...

I assume the eraser as well would be never-ending? In all honesty, just a mechanical pencil that doesn't jam every few minutes would satisfy my sleepless nights.

Also, thank you for posting. It kept me from writing my paper for another few minutes.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Lisi said...

You didn't just see folk art, you saw folk art and modern art and memorials and silly tourists with your awesome cousin!

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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