Monday, April 16, 2007

Chances are you've already heard this...

So I went to DC Comedy Festival this weekend, which was lovely and painful.

But someone did a joke about shit hitting the fan. And it brought me back to about this time last year when I wrote the most amazing sketch ever, "Poop Factory Union." You have probably already heard this because I talked about it constantly and forced every improv I was ever in to be Poop Factory. I was a great improver. Alright so the sketch...

It opens in a poop factory at the assembly line. And all the workers are complaining because it is so hot in the poop factory. And they decide to make a poop factory union so they can get some fans in the poop factory. And there is a manager that's all grump (insert fudge packing jokes anywhere, plus shit jokes, and ass jokes and fart jokes and every other beautiful joke ever). So, finally they get a fan at the end of the assembly line. The only problem is that the guy at the end of the line is all lazy and slow. And tension is heating between management and the union. And it's all building towards shit hitting the fan.

It's really the best idea I've ever had..... maybe. Anyways receSs said we couldn't do it because of logistical reasons. Although I did write a sketch that involved stupid Chris Singel to pour chocolate pudding all over his pants and then Darren had to do a poop beer bong.

Anyways, everyone I met this weekend and hung out with was super nice, and that's nice.

All my plants at work are dying.
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