Friday, April 27, 2007

No Thank You.

On working that is. I don't really feel like it today. I just don't have it in me. So, instead I propose that I do a little ebaying, walk around and talk to people, blog a little, feel hung over, and sorta slide out of doing actual work. Does that sound ok to you, bossy boss? Oh wait, that's right you aren't even here. Let's work out some sort of deal, when I am here on time, and in fact, early and the rest of the office is 45 minutes late because it's raining out (which apparently means that the world moves in slow motion) that I don't have to do any work. Okey dokey?

Also, I don't want to wear shoes today.

And I want to shove tuckloads of food into my hungover head, ok?

AND I am going to wear my headphones but not listen to music.

My back hurts so I am going to do this weird slouchy sitty thing that is extraordinarily unprofessional looking.

At some point, also, I am going to watch TV. I mean there's a TV right here in my cube.

I think that I am also going to sit by myself in the cafeteria just to avoid working.

I will RSVP a big ol' YES to the office party you are throwing next week. That should be fun, another office gathering at your house where we stand around and talk about work.

I will google chat with friends.

I will send out a work email with this line in it "And if none of you have this job/power this has been a waste of time."

LUV, me, your employee, your dutiful usually kinda good employee, the one without her shoes on and headphones on, the one that was here on time, the one with huge huge huge bags under my eyes, the one clearly bullshitting all day, me that's me, ok alright?

PS this is funny:

blah blah blah

i wanted to go to the baseball game, but me thinks its raining too hard

it's almost noon. that's almost 3 hours of not really working. let's see if i can make a really long run-on sentence

I am sitting here in my desk, cube type thing, which is actually a lot better than some people, they have pods where they don't even have full walls, thinking about what I am going to eat for lunch and then my foot fell asleep and I started hitting it against the floor, sort of like banging it, and then I remembered you aren't supposed to do that because you can actaully really hurt the asleep limb because you will bang it hard and since there's no feeling you can bang it to hard and actualy you are just supposed to wiggle it.

Well, that was boring. And so are you.

I'm open to guest blogs. But Boyfriend and Daniel are not on google chats today.

Oh! Sudoku... duh.
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