Thursday, May 10, 2007


Okey dokey, let's get it started in hur'. I have been drinking a lot of coffee at work lately and I am not really a coffee drinker. There have been multiple side effects ffrom drinkinging lots of coffee at work.
1. I have had to poop a lot (+)
2. I have been more wide wide awake (+)
3. My word per minute has in-increased (+)
4. My desire to take a nap around 11:30 am has also shot waaaaay up. (-)
5. I am more likely to stutter. (-)
6. I put sugary stuff in my coffee so I also get sugar high and giddy. (+)
7. While it seems productivity has gone up, infact i make a lots more typos. (-)
8. mY LIttle pinky finger jumps up to that "backspace key super deupery fast.
9. I crash doubly hard from the sugary high and the coffeity caffiney rush.
10. It makes my insides hurt, in kind of a burning way. (-)
11. Everyone else drinks coffee, so I kinda fit in, when I am not jogging to the bathroom and making groaing noises. (+,-)
12. I fart more. (-)
13. I am starting to get a headache if I don't drink cofffee, good thing I have th cure! (++++++).
14. It's different than before, which means its not the same which means that I can tell days apart by the number of coffee drinks I have had. Which is still pretty deperesssing, but at the same time, it's better than nothing right? (+,+,-,+,-,1235!)
15. I CAN NOW BETTER UNDERSTAND WHY JESSE WOULD FREAK OUT FROM TAKING CAFFINE PILLS. SHIT IT DANGEROS. (just had to get up to poop while writing this sentence.) ANYWAYS YEAH! WHATEVER I WAS SAYING BEFORE! (++++++!++!+!+!++!+!+!+!++!+!)
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Blogger Daniel said...

Also you can be totally secretive and weird about it. Like my mom, who drinks like 12 cups of coffee a day but uses half decaf and half regular. This insures that a) she’s “not really having that much caffeine” and b) no one else will drink the coffee she makes (because it’s disgusting). Also because it’s something you can do without leaving your desk, you can still be totally judgmental about other people’s addictions, like the way she makes clucking sounds when her secretary goes out for a smoke.

10:31 AM  

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