Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ten minutes until i can leave work

alright. ten minutes. we can get through this. really, we can. we have to. we don't have an option. we have already facebooked, myspaced, craiglisted, and now we are blogging. i am thinking about writing short stories. only because i don't think i can blog about work any more. it leaves us all depressed and unsatisfied. and we can't do that to each other. i mean besides you, anonymous inernet reader (who am i kidding? friends that coerce into reading this) what do we have? we have google chat, and many ways to look at people's drunk pictures. but what sort of outlet do we have to really express ourselves if it weren't for my poorly worded blogs and your freedom to comment? which i see very few of you, other than daniel, have taken advantage of.

but let's not get too meta. blogging about blogging about work blah blah blah. that's not who we are. we are revolutionaries. so let's put a silhoutte on a t-shirt and fight back! let's take back the internet, let's put something fresh out there to make us excited again! let's all quit our jobs and sit around and smoke pot and talk about how something somewhere is holding us back. and they need to be crushed. let's all take naps at 3 in the afternoon, so we can stay up later! let's do meth until our teeth fall out! let's chain ourselves to something that doesn't seem important to anyone else but us (ie. our sneakers)

seriously, only 2 more minutes. we can do this. we will blog our way through this swamp of not doing work and having to wait until 6 to leave.

it's 6:02. i had to help someone print something. awesome, right? that's what these fingers that spew out genius does at work. helps people select the right printer.

To you and those who went before you:
We sit here. And stare. We are medicore, but at least alive. We can forge ahead. We can do something meaningful after work, like watch THE SERIES FINALE OF GILMORE GIRLS not that I care. We can sleep and brush our teeth.

I have not lost hope, nor do I think I will. Is that insane? You read this and be the judge and jury of your destiny. Because I am a star burning in the pitch black of an empty souless non-profit half owned by the devil.

Forge on fellow internet person, forge on. For the end is only where we create it. They can never destroy us. We are infinite and bored. We are grumpy and sugar high. There are no answers, and we have come to terms with that.

Truthfully, sollenly, happily, cheerfully, hungrily, beautifully, hopefully, indignantly, seriously, sincerely, fondly, creatively, existently, joyfully, idiotfully, foreverfully yours,

karin louise hammerberg.

p.s. you better fucking believe its 6:15. who looks like a hard worker now?
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Blogger Chris Singel said...

"Posted at 5:50 PM"

Karin... for shame. Also, do you think I need a haircut?

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I jerst thank y'all ruuuully, ruuuully arwsum...

7:28 PM  

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