Thursday, February 28, 2008


Recently, I was up in THE NEW YORK CITY staying with Greggles, and his building caught on fire. Awesome, right? Doesn't sound so awesome, let me explain:

- Greggles building being a 7 story walk up, doesn't have smoke detectors. Greggles apartment filled with smoke, that indicated to us, that perhaps we should leave... awesome.

- I was wearing light-weight star and moon pajamas, it was February... awesome.

- No information was given to us about what was happening, besides a female cop screaming for everyone to keep moving away... awesome.

- Greggles and I were standing outside for probably about half an hour... awesome.

- Some drunk woman yelled at me because I was looking at her. Granted she was drunk and wearing a super short skirt, but I was in star and moon pajamas... awesome.

- With about five fire trucks and eight cop cars around, Greggles and I in our pajamas, a drunk group comes up and asks us if we know any good bars close by... awesome.

- It was the laundry mat downstairs that was on fire, so they used a chain saw to get throw the metal bars... truly awesome.

- Being the only non-Asians in Greggles's building... awesome.

Anyways, if anyone needs tips on how to look cool while your building is burning down please let me know.
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