Friday, September 28, 2007

Pros and Cons of Starving Yourself

Pro- you will lose some weight

Con- you will be hungry

Pro- you will get drunk faster

Con- once you are drunk you are more likely to binge eat foods available at 24-hour CVS's

Pro- you can make other people feel weird about eating in front of you

Con- you will be super hungry

Pro- you will get moody and snap at people, but it won't really be your fault

Con- people will still get pretty mad about you being moody and snappy

Pro- you won't have much energy

Con- wait that last one was a Con

Pro- you will have more free time because you won't be eating

Con- your body will slowly begin to shut down

Pro- other people will be "so jealous of your will power"

Con- you will be starvingly hungry

Pro- you will get a lot of attention from people because they will get very concerned about you

Con- you may be hospitalized for this

Pro- finally being embraced by society because you have conformed to the images displayed in the media about how a woman should look.

This list isn't exhaustive, balanced, or completely logical.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this list might not be exhaustive, but it was sure exhausting!!! logical...more like chronological!!!! balanced, sure! i'll be here all day, folks!!!!



~needs to be slaparna'd

2:34 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Con-might have to buy new clothes
Pro-well not really a pro but you might be able to take care of the feeling hungry all the time by eating a lot of vegetables. Wait, does that work?

4:56 PM  

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