Friday, July 27, 2007

Boyfriend's Lament

As a Dionysusesque patron of Thursday Dinner, I am tempted to draw a complex analogy to the Imperivm Romanvm's Bacchinalia, but that would be worse than pretentious, and while par for the course in a sense, not how I would like to express my love of the phenomenon and my regret at its untimely demise.

The massive bowel movement I experienced at work today was a much more fitting tribute.

While you, dear reader, were not there to witness this grandiose turd's magnitude and awe-inspiring odor, it encapsulated all that was great about Thursday Dinner. This poop was a tangible symbol of excess, and the ramifications of that excess. It was a reminder of how my generally brown life, could, for a night at a time, transcend all expectation. Afterward I am drained but fulfilled.

I must extend my most sincere thanks to the Yotor cabal, for if it weren't for you I would not have been afforded the opportunity to wax poetic, and indeed come to this epiphany on the greater symbolism of my gastrointestinal process.

You are forever in my thoughts and colon.
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