Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Alright, let's see how this goes

Okay, I am going to try something new. I am going to write about something relevant, rather than drivel about my own life. STAY WITH ME.

Wii Fit. It's a video game where you stand on this thing, and do exercises on it. Also, you will be able to skateboard and snowboard on it. On a board. Like how you exercise, or skateboard, or snowboard in real life. Just not outside. I don't think I get it. Is the draw just that you get to watch a figure that looks like you on the screen do stuff that you are doing in real life. And really, where does real life end and video game start? You are actually working out, but it's twice as important because it's in two different realms?

I envision that people will have mini half pipes hooked up to the Wii so they can do skateboard tricks. And everyone will talk about how realistic the graphics look, but they will be missing the point that they can do these things in real life. Also, real guns.

The air conditioning gets too cold at my office, and they tell me I should just open the windows. But that seems close to the most retarded solution possible. I feel like as soon as I did it my mom would appear and ground me.
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