Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicks have it made

Would you rather be home right now? Rather than working? I know I would. Even if that meant hanging out with a baby? For me, yes, totally.

Chicks have it made, because working sucks, so we can have babies and have a legitimate excuse not to work.

For so long I have fought the against the idea that women should stay home and have babies, but honestly, its genius.
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh, hello there

So, it's a been a minute, huh?

Sorry, I got caught up in the election. The election for the 8th grade student council president at Francis Joseph Junior High. I was disqualified again for not actually attending the school, which is a technicality I thought I could get around by getting 25 kids to sign a petition. But no, I was once again denied. Which is cool, I mean it's really the school's loss, because I am pretty sure I could have gotten them half day Fridays. But whatevs.

So, I work in an office building, right got it? You can picture it? Sweet.

People in this office building often do not hold the elevator for you. It's mean and weird.

But the best part, is that there is a code to get into the women's rest room. This sucks because I do the code wrong at least two times before I can get in. BUT it totally makes up for that because its like a little alarm system for when you are in the bathroom. Like I am in there just fucking around, you know singing, or seeing what I would look like if I didn't have an upper lip. And then the little lock code starts making noise and I know I gotta finish my shit up, and get out of there. There's no guess work involved.

AND! In even better news I have ten hole punches in my coffee card, so that means the next one will be free. I CANNOT WAIT! Who says I have no follow through? (me). Well I proved them (myself) wrong. Boo ya motherfucker (whoa, hold up a minute that's me you are talking to) (Oh, do you mean talking or typing?) (You know what I mean, don't be a snot about it) (Well, stop being so sensitive) (I'll stop being so sensitive if you stop being an asshole) (Oh, do not even go there honestly, that's just pathetic) (Always, always this, I am fucking out of here).

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