Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Reviews

Mama Hammerberry reviews my blog: Unless you are interested in her bowel movements, there isn't much to read.

Ta-da! The most concise review of my blog ever.

Coming in second is of course Chris Singel who said that my blog was "like a car crash that you can't turn away from."

And then in third is J Purvie who said "pedestrian, in the best way possible."

I'M A HIT! Broadway here I come!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

New neighbors

Alls I am going to say at the time being, is that DC's homeless are vets that served our country and were then forgotten by our government.  So while your mohawk is very adorable boy who ran away from home so he could live in a park in THE New York City, you will not be getting any of my change.  Because if I didn't give change to the skitzophrenic Nam vet, I most certainly won't be giving my money to you.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dashboard Confessional Review

Dashboard Confessional just came up on my pandora.  And it reminded me of Mom's review of the band.

"This dude needs a new girlfriend."

And then I wasn't not allowed to play "my music" on family trips any more.
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Friday, June 04, 2010

Living with Boys

I am currently living with Little Brother and his Roommates.

We watch a lot of sports.

They don't really like to talk during the sports.

I am like a plant who needs water.  But I don't need water because I can get that on my own. I need attention.  I can feel myself wilting away.

Why oh why do the NBA finals and the NHL finals have to overlap?!?! WHY?!!?!?!?
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This is a love letter, so don't read it if you don't like love letters

Dear Boyfriend,
Packing all our belongings was tedious and shitty.

Moving all our belongings into a truck was terrible.  I have so many bruises.

Driving those six hours, in traffic and then that mother fucking down pour, was a nightmare.

Oh dude, and then when Cat peed on herself, or sweated herself wet, or I don't know what she did but she was wet and sad, I was about to lose my mind.

When that dude parked right behind our truck in his Audi when we were trying to move was hilariously poor timing. I am glad that I yelled at him.

That rain, do you remember when it started raining when we got to the city and we had to unpack all our stuff? That was lucifer's wet dream.

And then I had to get back to DC so I could work the next day? And now we have to live apart for two weeks. And the Roommates do NOT get my jokes like you and Cat do.

Jesus christ, this whole moving ordeal is fucking miserable.

And the most romantic thing we have ever done.

Karen Louis Hammberry

P.S. Thanks for the picture of Cat at the new house.  NONE of the Roommates wanted to look at it, including Little Brother.

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