Monday, March 28, 2011


after a years long campaign i finally fulfilled my drunken wish of sleeping on the couch.

you see for some time now, Finance has made me go into the bedroom, mere feet away from the couch when i get just a little drunk. but i want to sleep on the couch. the couch seems so much more comfortable, so much more convenient, so much more like where i am already sleeping.

and this weekend he finally let me do it.

and while my back hurts from the contortions to make my body fit, and Finance had to check on me every couple minutes to make sure i wasn't dead. i think it was worth it.

now, i did get up at 6 am and move into the bed, but still. i accomplished my goal, which was being so ornery when drunk that even the person who loves me the most gives up, and lets me sleep on a very uncomfortable surface.

it only took 8 and 1/2 years!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday post

this won't happen a lot. but i am just so excited to be back on blogging that i am posting on saturday.

now, granted, not much as changed since yesterday.

but! listen to this story that no one cares about! i was walking to the subway from work the other day, and there was this dude wearing sunglasses and a hood, and had a super long beard. he was kind of staring at me, probably because i was wearing my green hat which is very striking.  so i was staring back at him.

then i realized the man he was walking with was Theirry Guetta, or Mr. Brainwash. and i got the most star struck i have ever been in my whole life. and one time i saw Dennis Rodman at the mall when i was in junior high.

i thought about following them, which was weird because what would happen then? i just follow two dudes for a couple blocks and then what? we become best friends? so i got on the subway instead.

the point of all of this, is that i have convinced myself i saw Banksy.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

fuck it

i tried tumblr. and i like tumblr.

but i miss my blog. this is a straight up legit blog. it says blog in the web addy. on tumblr you can just re-blog someone else's picture, and you posted content.

but i have rambling incoherent thoughts that need to expressed, and then fake commented on by me.

so i am back to blogspot. boo-ya bitches, i am back.

i am back to write about how bored i am at work. i am back to write about what i ate for lunch. i am back to pretend like i have a sense of purpose in life.

coming back to blogspot actually really makes me feel like this blog was something more than a free website i set up in 2006. it's like something that could be important, because i left it and came back.

you know what that means, right? true love. i set my blog free, or my blog set me free... either way one of us was free or both of us were free, but now we have decided to come back. so, it's true love.

also, it's friday, so you know what that means, fake comment friday.
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