Monday, September 29, 2008

How was your Saturday?

This is an email I got this morning from Josephine:

Oh goodness, did you carried me? I knew there was carrying involved but I wasnt sure who bore the brunt of it. So, uh, my apologies.

hahah, face bruise. I would love to know how my tooth got chipped. I really thought i was going to die when i first woke up. I thought, if i make it through this, I should maybe go to rehab.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Worst Girlfriend Ever

I have thrown out there that I am most likely the Worst Girlfriend Ever, which would make sense because Boyfriend is as good as they get, and opposites attract.

And I can hear you right now, "karen hamburger, don't say that about yourself." Well, after this list your tuney toons will change.


- I don't cuddle, but I do like to force Boyfriend to hold my hand in public

- I have a hard time sleeping, and I have a hard time when Boyfriend is sleeping and I'm not, so I wake him up

- I do things like call Boyfriend "my ultimate prop" and then proceed to lick his face

- I hog the remote control

- I stay late at work

- I make him hang out with people, when he just wants to be at home

- I like him to sit in the bathroom when I take showers so I can keep talking


- I think it's funny when girls hit on him

- I play music too loud

- I make him "show me how the waist fits" when he tries pants on

So, as you can see, I am a horrible girlfriend. And you should all be happy that I am off the market at least until Boyfriend reads this post.

Coldness and non-kisses,
karen louis hamburger
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Friday, September 19, 2008

How many blogs can I write about having nothing to write about?

Well, at least one more, right?

Here are somethings:

The funnest part of Zipcarring is that when you walk away from it you feel like a spy or something. Like you park the car, and you don't even have to look back because you won't see it ever again. Or you will see it again for your big Sunday grocery trip, but at least you don't need to make car payments on it.

I have been taking the metro to work for like six months now. And I used to look down on people who didn't know metro etiquette, like sitting on the outside seat when the inside one is empty, or slumping across two seats during rush hour, or stand on the left side of the escalator. But as I spend more and more time with the metro, the less I care about that shit. If i am f'in tired I want two seats, and sometimes I am talking on the escalator it's easier to stand on the left. I am a horrible person.

Third thing, um, it feels like it should be about transportation....

Boats are cool.

karin louise hammerberg
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Study Finds More Work Means Less Blogging

Washington, DC- A new study from Obvious Studies Institute has found that when a person has more work they tend to blog less. Gene Wilder who ran the study has this to say "Yeah, so we were sitting around talking, and someone was like 'I think if you have a lot of work at work your free time at work probably goes down.' And we were all like 'for sure.' So we decided to do a study on it."

Obvious Studies Institue (OSI) only used one participant for the study, Karen Hamburger, "Those dudes were fucking annoying. I am so busy at work right now, and they wanted to follow me around and ask questions. I was like, I am fucking working." When asked why they didn't have a control group, or any research about this study Wilder replied, "We figured it would be pretty obvious, and doing research sucks." "Totally!" which came from some random person passing through the hallways while the interview was taking place.

Anywho, in conclusion, when one has work at work, they have less time to blog at work. Which means to blog they have to do it at home, but blogging at home means less free time at home, which sort of contradicts the point of being home, ya dig?
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