Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cat wishes I would just go back to work already.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Please take a tour of my bedroom...

Here is a tour of my bedroom at my parent's house.  Take a look, and let me know if you see a pattern or theme.

Here is my bed, and my feature wall, or focus wall, or special wall:

Here is the border and some paintings:

Here are some cute trinkets:

And, the bathroom:

And of course, the icing on the cake:

My hand is huge! And, remember it's easier to buy gifts when people stick to their themes!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oooooh you guys!

My little brother had his tonsils out last Friday.

And yesterday Dad wanted to make him some scrambled eggs.  But he didn't know how.  So, he looked it up in the Joy of Cooking.

How adorable is that?
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Airport Bathrooms

I spent a lot of hours in airports yesterday.  Twitter has the full feed.

But, it's the worst when you go into a bathroom and think "this one even I won't sit down on." And then there are none of those paper seat cover dealios left.  And your suspicions of it being gross, are immediately confirmed because everyone has had the same thought already.

So then you are left to hover.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Yennifur!

Jennifer:  also, i just found food in the cuff of my pants?
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Today is the last day at my current job.  Soon to be un-current, or past tensed job.

I have been working on one documentary television show since May.  And now it's over.

While it was super hard and sometimes I hated it. I feel really proud to have done it. I did some cool stuff, and a lot of stupid shit, like get ice for the cooler. 

But overall, I feel kind of successful putting this show behind me.  And let me tell you, throwing shit out from your desk feels so incredibly good.  Like the last day of school before summer break.  Except it's winter time, and freezing outside.

I keep typing swear words, and then deleting them because I am trying to write all nice and shit. 
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things to know for The (Inevitable) Future

Bourbon, followed by cheap beer, followed by falafel is not good for a Wednesday night.

Let me explain.  First, I drank bourbon, and then I drank cheap beer, and then I did what can best be descried as "housed" a falafel sandwich smothered in hummus.

This is bad to do on a Wednesday night for the folling reasons:

1. You must get up and go to work the next day.  That's hard to do after consuming large quantities of alcohol.

2. No amount of teeth brushing or really whole mouth brushing can get rid of your hummus scented breath.

3.  The odor that is emitted by your rear end will be so toxic, that you will have to take "walks" around the office floor to try and disguise where the scent is coming from.

4. While doing very little at work, you will hear a song on a 30 Rock mash-up. (  And you will be like, "hey, i kind of like that song."  and when you google the lyrics you will discover its a FERGIE SONG.

In conclusion, I made some choices last night that has made today harder to live.  But I would most def do it again.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Put some cheese on it.

This morning I tired to make a tasty hole-in-one treat.  Which is a piece of bread and an egg in the center.

I say tried because things did not go well.  Apparently, some sort of non-stick spray was needed.  It turned into more of a bread and egg scramble.

But I simply sprinkled some cheese on it, and all was well.  So I thought I would share with you some other quick recipes that can be remedied with cheese.

Asian Stir Fry
- Add vegetables to frying pan
- Add soy sauce to frying pan
- Add peanut oil to frying pan
- Add hot sauce seasoning
- Get absorbed in America's Funniest Home Videos
- Completely over cook all the vegetables
- Sprinkle some bleu cheese on dish
- Eat

Chocolate Cake
- Follow directions on box
- Get completely absorbed in YouTube video of kitten playing peek-a-boo
- Burn cake
- Cut off burned spots
- Sprinkle swiss cheese on cake
- Put on icing
- If you are feeling extra naughty, sprinkle additional cheese on top of frosting
- Indulge

Cheese Left Out of Fridge
- Take some cheese out of fridge for snack
- Leave on counter
- Take a nap, or better yet, leave house
- Come back to find hardened block of cheese
- Take out spreadable and or sprayable cheese
- Spread on hardened cheese
- Consume double cheese sandwich
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This won't make sense to most of you...

I read this website called Jezebel.  It's part of the Gawker Media blog empire.

It's an awesome website.  And their commenting process is closed.  Meaning not everyone can comment.  You have to audition to be a commenter.  And since most of the thoughts I have are about poop, none of comments have ever been approved.

UNTIL LAST NIGHT.  I am now a full fledged commenter, or something like that.

And I want to comment on EVERYTHING.  The problem is, my thoughts are pretty much limited to poop, and jokes about poop, and SOMETIMES cute fuzzy animals.  So I am forcing myself to say anything about everyting.

A story about Martha Stewart.  My comment, "Martha Stewart cooks things. That will eventually come out of you as poop."  Wha?  That's all I know to say about her

December Vogue issue.  "That stuff is expensive, you know what is cheap?  H&M, also poop."

Something about Jane Austen.  "Fart."

I wonder if I can get my status taken away....
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