Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have changed jobs again, and I am back to taking the elevator.

I take it to the 5th floor, and when people get in and they are just going to floor 2 or 3 I pretend to get annoyed... In my head I grumble and roll my eyes. I don't do it in real life because I am scared of everything. But in my head I am totes a movie-cliche popular girl.

Just now, in the elevator was me and a girl going to the 7th floor. And I could feel her huffing and shuffling her papers and being annoyed. Not in real life, but like her head communicating to my head.

Also, I don't usually drink sodas, but sometimes I have an ice cold Coca Cola Classic as a pick me up. Today I needed a pick me up. I know my boss right now doesn't drink soda. So when she came over to talk to me I kind of hid my Coca Cola.

I have people pleasing issues.

The girl in the cube behind me is going on a trip (I know because shes talking on the phone about it). She's bringing curling rollers, a flat iron, a curling iron, and tons of hairspray.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mouth v. Butt

Warning, this is going to about my bowel movements. Why? Because it just is.

My mouth seems to have some sort of axe to grind with my butt. All the foods I crave are spicy and delicious, and fall out of my butt a few hours after eating them.

Indian food and Mexican food seem to be the main culprits. But chances are if it's ethnic and spicy I will love it and want to eat it everyday.

This is all for now, email questions for more detail about my schedule, consistency, and coloring.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Movie Reviews of Movies that Everyone has Already Seen But Me

Chronicles of Narnia

Overall: Very exciting. Lot's of action. Cute beavers. It's sad when the animals die though. I like lions!

Highlight: When I got so scared that I jumped and shook up my beer so it exploded all over me and Boyfriend

Lowlight: When it was scary.

Cougar moment: I am excited to see what the oldest son actor looks like in a few year. My prediction = gorgeous.

Happy Feet

Overall: Scary! Why do they make that seal so scary? I couldn't barely sit still. Cute animals!

Highlight: DANCING! And singing!!!

Lowlight: Scariness! How can little kids watch this?

Cougar moment: Those penguins looked tasty, too bad we don't co-habitat.
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A new good diet by Karen Hamburger

Only get food that you think you like, but the last time you had it you didn't like it.

It's a good diet because you don't like this food. And purchasing it and nothing else guarantees you won't eat much lunch.

For me today, that means: carrot soup.
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I'll make this short because, trust me I get it, other people's dreams can be boring. (See blog post about dreams being like drunk stories, ie not interesting unless you are in them (See me being too lazy to link))

Anywhoozle, I had a dream I was flying on a spaceship, but it was like totes casual. Just for a vacay we would fly in spaceships. And there was a slide on spaceship, and I remember during the dream thinking "Now this whole trip is cool. But this slide, I am going to blog about this slide."

And I did.
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Got huge laughs in a meeting today....

By explaining how to make this cabbage salad I really like.

I didn't really get it, but a laughs a laugh.
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Monday, June 08, 2009


I now know how to spell "diarrhea" without the help of spellcheck.

Care to wager why?
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I am high-flutant

Second post.

Boyfriend and I moved oh so recently (like two months ago). And we never acquired cable or internet. Not because we don't enjoy such media, we do at a large voracity.

But because we are a little lazy and a little money conscience. So for all you people that are like, "HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE CABLE??11?1?!?!?!?!" Well, we never called the cable company, so they never installed it, thus we don't have it.

Now we watch a lot of WETA (PBS), and local news. And it's fine. Life is fine. Honestly, we can't get on the internet very well at home, and it's fine. I am being totes sincere.

Life has gone on, and I think we have....... adjusted to it. I don't really even miss it any more.

It may sound like I think I am better than you. I kind of do. That's what watching PBS will do to you. And I kind of like it.

Now, back to my job making cable television shows.
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New post

Yes, this is a new post. I have never written this post before, thus ensuring that it is completely 100% unique.

First and foremost, Boyfriend has turned 25. He MADE it! Boy, I never thought I would see him here.

Second, the salad that I am eating has spring onions in it. I think I am officially that smelly lunch office lady. I would like to think I am mature enough to not care, but gosh darn it I want everyone to like me.

Third, life is super duper busy. I am at a new job! I started like 3 weeks ago, and I already went to the luxurious beautiful TAMPA FLORIDA. You can buy donuts and tires there.

Fourth, Tampa was kinda gross.

Fifth, I have a brand new cube. I should decorate it weird and freak people out. Maybe get a picture of Charles Manson. Or just get as much porcupine chintz as I can. Something so people know to leave me alone. I also like the barely working here cube design. Just the essential papers, computer, one pen (because you can't find any others), and no personal items. I rock that look pretty hard.

Sixth, life, man, life.
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