Tuesday, June 27, 2006

friendship corp continued

this is greg's response to the judge's decision:

I, the defendant, am clearly happy about you not getting this appeal, but I hope you know I am trying to do what's best for the Friendship Corp.

That is why I have decided to start a petition to get you removed from the Friendship Pool.

It was a really tough decision and although very difficult to make, I think its what's best the group as a whole. I therefore, plead with all the other members of Friendship Corp to consider asking for Andrew N. Marder's resignation from the team. His actions, appalling and at times grotesque, are far from yielding. He is a dangerous friend and even more of a danger to the Friendship Corp. I want everyone to know, so you can tell your children, grandchildren, and everyone else you love that a psychotic and frankly evil person is living in your neighborhoods, eating your food, and breathing the same oxygen as your kids.

I vote for his resignation and the death sentence! I will never forgive and cannot forget. He has single-handedly change my life for the worse and I will never be the same.

Lastly, Hahaha Andrew, your appeal was denied

Gregory "I plead my case" Greggles Godfrey

haha not only is greggles suggesting that we kick someone our he asking for the death penalty. hahaaha. thats great. seriously make a friendship corp.
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Friendship Corp

so my friends and i have created this fake corporation called friendship corp. and when one of us has a dumb excuse as to why they can't hang out, someone summons friendship corp and one of us intervenes and gives a punishment to the party pooper. this is the first friendship corp email ever:

Dear Andrew Marder,
We do not greet you this evening under jovial circumstances. We are not pleased with your performance as a friend this week. Since this complaint has not come up before we are willing to give you another chance. Although we do feel it is neccessary to make you aware of the proverbial thin ice you are proverbially skating on. The complaints lodged against you are as follows:
1. You refused to play squash with Greggles on Wednesday May 24th.
2. You refused to watch hockey with Asa on Thursday May 25th.
3. You swore at Biz in response to her sweetly worded email, on Friday May 26th.
4. AND you pooped out on the baseball game on Friday May 26th.
As you can see the greivances leveled against you are numerous and violate many different aspects of the responsibilities of being a friend. Now you can make all this up to us by attending the Nationals game tomorrow at 1 pm. You must come with an attitude adjustment as well as a willingness to chest-bump (a gameface would not go amiss).

Karin and Asa
Senior Friends at Friendship Corp.

And there were appeals and all sorts of different levels of litigation over the incident . Friendship Corp is really some sort of outside judges that step in when a situation between friends is going awry. asa today though stepped it up to a new level by creating a Friendship Corp email. this is his email today:

To whom it may concern:
We at the appellate division of the Friendship Corp. would like to make it known that a one Mr. Andrew Marder's appeal has been denied and the original verdict and sentence upheld. Furthermore it is in his best interest to rectify his erroneous friendship approach and gravely consider his future friendly actions. If Mr. Marder persists in this downward friendly trajectory we here at Friendship Corp.'s legal division will be forced to remove him completely from the friend pool.
Thanks and best regards,
Friend McFrienderson
Senior Appellate Judge
Friendship Corp

I suggest that all friends write to Friendship Corp if there has been a friend of yours that is particularly difficult. Heres the address: Appellate Judge ajudgefcorp@gmail.com seriously let him know what a douche your friend is being and he will dole out a just punishment. our usually entail the purchase of liquor.
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Monday, June 26, 2006


i think i cracked the profile views code. every time i get a new comment my profile views have gone up, at least i think that's how it works. i am pretty sure though. that makes sense because i check my own profile all the time and its definently not that accurate of a count. but now that i know this comment thing there will be quite a few more fake comments coming my way, from myself. right. also i think i am doing to indent paragraphs in my blog. capitlization and speeling are completely out the window but i really shouldnt mess with format. and yeah i did that on purpose, whore.
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Friday, June 23, 2006


so i have crashed from my caffine high. first i took a crap like i never imagined. i didnt know i had that much poo stored in me. and now i have a massive headache. ooh ice coffee you were so good and tasty. i drank you up so quickly and fast because you tasted like sweet liquid candy. and you made me feel so great, like i could finish a whole days work in only twenty minutes. and then i got the shakes, which i tried to ignore as my straw searched around the bottom of the cup trying to slurp up the last few drops. and then came by double bathroom trip. which was not so phenomenal, and then came the real fall. my head hurts, i am jittery, unfocused. its friday and i am looking for footage of chimps doing a rain dance. and now i am grinding from my jaw. great.
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i looooooooooooooove

ice coffee.
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

i changed my template

i was in a joke show last night. and from all accounts the stacies (www.myspace.com/thestacies) killed. i dont really remember because i was on stage telling mad jokes. it felt awesome to be on stage again, even if it was just some dive bar open mic. emmy and i do this thing where we think we are fraternal twins, and then explain how we met and also our dna testing journey. its really weird and off beat. and i was surprised that we got any response. we were kind of expecting silence. i think tireSwing, the receSs off shoot is doing a show in july. thatll be awesome. jokes galore. i am watching a shark show right now. sharks are pretty awesome. so are old men in wet suits. there are a lot of men in wet suits here. its great. they are making me nervous, they are standing right on the edge of the boat. they should really move back. have you ever seen the show deadliest catch on disccovery. its fucked up.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

never have i ever wanted to know so much about my friends

jesse chris and emmy slept over on saturday. we went camping in my living room. the directions to the tent were so stupid. step 1 set up tent. step 2 sing kumbayah. step 3 make s'mores. step 4 scare the shit out of your friends with this story. and then the manual goes on for fifteen pages with an intensely detailed story along with the words to kumbayah in eight different languages. but no actual instruction on how to put up the tent. so emmy and i scratched the new finish off my floor. and then we played an extraordinary game of never have i ever. you know, its not so cool to hear about all the sexual stuff your friends do when you are old enough to do stuff that is freaky-deaky. when it was just french kissing and boob touching it was ok to hear about, but when it starts involving anal beads i dont really want to know. and then to have to sleep in the tent next to them...

jesse told us that we should put the rainfly on because the dew alone would soak the tent. and then also the genius idea of hanging a miller lite can on the little loop where a flashing light would go in the top of the tent. we thought that was really funny. it seems dumb now, but at the time we thought the miller "light" was just amazing. and the best part was that the can still had beer in it, so if you knocked it you would spill beer all over yourself. great, right?
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

i told you i had a lot of blog in me

give me my fucking final cut pro, and cut this pussy shit out. i dont want to edit on some half ass program. i want my fcp shortcuts, i want my text options to be in the place they are supposed to. and i dont want a lame ass timeline. i wish someone who read this blog would understand this.... but no one reads this but my friends and the only do when i tell them to. i have been listening to this band arctic monkeys, and they have this song dancing shoes. and i love it. i really do. it makes me happy. i have to go edit some more snake footage on pinnacle. god i might as well be in imovie.
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this says something

so for the past few days at work i have had nothing to do. absolutely nothing. and i really only blogged a little. but now that i have a project to do, i am super ready to blog. i could just blog my little heart out. i was reading some past posts and there was one about tomato soup. i don't remember eating that tomato soup. but it sounds like at the time i realyl enjoyed it. i would love to remember that. isn't it strange that i can't remember something that happened such a short time ago. what if there are other things that i can't remeber? like what if i cured cancer, and i just don't remember? what if i buried some treasure and didn't make a map because i thought i would always remember? god there are so many things i could have done and i wont remember..... geez. i think then i will just start making things up about my life. did you guys know that i flew a helicopter last week? you dont remember me doing that? me neither, but i also didnt remember that soup either so that doesnt prove much.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i simply cannot believe it

i wore a new sweater to work today and no one has complimented it.
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Friday, June 09, 2006


that last thing about lunch makes me sound like a total faggot. i cannot believe i wrote that. i sound so lame and sad. i wont take it back, but i will use it as proof that offices suck the souls out of people until we are all mushy and awful.

i dont want to be awful and mushy. and giving out my myspace thing? what am i 14? you will be relieved that i dont have hearts all over my page with whatever teen heart throb's song playing.

i am turning into a pathetic person. i need to stop. and now, just RIGHT NOW, i got excited because it is friday. what a dumb office thing to do. oh fuck me.
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ooh lunch

i look back at that last post with fondness. that hummus was really good. and they haven't had it since. although they did bring back the baby carrots to the salad bar. which is pretty cool. i think about lunch a lot now that i started working. i feel a little fat about it. but its really one of the only things i have to look forward to.... i usually get the salad bar and then some soup. but they have had weird soup lately, like strawberry. and i just don't know if i am ready for that.

i think i am kind of bad at my job. "why?" you ask. well first off i am at work right now and i am posting a blog about lunch. and also i just cut corners. and i work for a pretty major place. like a place where people go to for information that is dependable. (its not google, i wish, right?) but its not dependable its me, cutting corners.

its 11:44. i dont usually get lunch until 1:30. yo, im totally on myspace. which is another reason i am bad at work. here friend me, but you have to tell me that you read my blog because unless i have met you in person i won't be your friends, surry.


and then i have this other one

www.myspace.com/thestacies. the stacies will be friends with anyone.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i had hummus for lunch today. and it was super good. and i regret eating it so quickly.
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if anyone can tell me how to add links to the side of this i will put their crap first on the list. and if you tell me how to make things bold and bigger, i will do that too. its a pretty good deal.
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Monday, June 05, 2006


so i spent a good deal of this morning trying to use a digibeta in my betasp deck. let me tell you that doesn't work. and then finally i figure i have been an asshole for the past 20 minutes. you know cuz i was grunting and making all these sounds like i was so fed up with my beta deck. and i kept rerouting my switcher over and over. and then i finally get a betasp, well really a mini betasp, but that's really neither here nor there. and i am FINALLY ready to lay down my clips, but some asswipe has put the rec protection down on the tape. so that takes another ten minutes of my time. i fix the tape and start laying down some clips ONLY to find that its a logo tape, and that there is no way i can record over a logo tape. which kind of makes sense why the record inhibit was on. so finally i get a real scratch mini betasp. BUT THEN i had to poop, AND THEN it was lunch. AND THEN i had to go on myspace for a few hours AND THEN read some blogs of people i don't really know but saw on stage a few times.

try to be a bigger nerd than me. if anyone can make any sense of that they should turn off the x-files and come to dr dremos wednesday june 21st and see me make an ass of myself.
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

what's been happening.

i got locked in the staircase at my graduation party and i thought i was going to die. and the only way out was through an emergency exit which promptly set off an alarm.

today i was in the film library getting tapes and someone cranked the shelves in on me. and it seriously squashed me.

my apartment is being renovated and its scaring James Taylor, my hamster, and there is dust and crap everywhere. and i think the guys are going to steal my stuff. but my necklaces are really tangled so unless they are super good at getting knots undone they won't be able to wear them either. which will show them.

i went to a joke show last night. and then decided its about time i start telling jokes again so i think that's what i am going to do.
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